How We Work

There are several key stages involved in finding you the best financial product or service for your needs and circumstances.

Initial Meeting

A huge part of making sure that you get the correct financial advice is making sure that we know all about your personal and professional circumstances. We find the best way to do this is to set up an initial meeting at a place suitable for you.

Fact Find

During this part of the process, we will gather all the relevant information to enable us to provide accurate advice.


During this stage of the process we will formulate our advice and recommendation to you. This will involve researching the various options that are available to you and making sure that our final advice to you meets your needs most accurately.


This stage involves preparing all the necessary documentation for our second meeting.


At the second of our meetings, you will be presented with our advice and recommendation. This will involve all the research and documentation to back up our advice as well as all the provider documentation relating to the advice. Our advice will be explained thoroughly and without the use of jargon where possible.

Ongoing Advice

We are very proud of our ongoing advice process and our clients value our ongoing advice very highly. For those that have signed up to this service we meet with our clients at least once per year to carry out a full review of their circumstances as well as to evaluate their original advice alongside their current needs and requirements.